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It’s kinda funny, because when I wear my hair up at school people tell me that I should wear it up more often cuz it’s cute, and when people at work see me with my hair down they be like oh hawt mama your hair is so pretty I never see it down you distracting me.

Anonymous said: Worst thing you've done while being drink?

Haha I’m not that crazy when I drink, the most recent thing that comes to mind where I’d consider not the brightest thing was drinking until I blacked out, woke up the next day thinking I passed out at like 11 when really I was up until like 6 am doing crazy shit with my friends, and I can’t remember zip of it. My friend and me also thought it would be fun to burn each other that night so now I have a cig scar on my belly haha.

kingofeverythingkingofnothing said: Imagine yourself pinned beneath me. to either side of your head, you feel the strong grip of my hands as my fingers wrap around your wrists. A soft breath washes against your neck, followed quickly by my lips, making their mark against your skin. Warm and wanting, my kisses make their way downward along the curve of your shoulder...

I can’t even read stuff like this because no offense these messages make me uncomfortable. 😅 I’m sorry!

Anonymous said: I heard that watching too much porn instead of using your imagination can affect your respond to actaul sexual stimuli. Do you think that's true? I'm concerned

I don’t think watching porn would ruin your stimuli unless it’s a crazy amount or a compulsive obsession maybe? I think having porn expectations are a little over the top when it comes to sex, especially for men IMO. I don’t think it’s healthy what some men expect from female partners based on porn. It is healthy to watch porn and it’s healthy to have your own imagined fantasies. Masturbation is healthy and natural, and going through waves where you aren’t that horny is also healthy and natural. What you heard was probably bullshit, but I’m no expert. I don’t think you have anything to be concerned about though, hunnie. 💜